Tirimoana School COVID-19 News Update 23 March 2020


School is now closed for at least 4 weeks until further notice. Do not send your children to school.


The Prime Minister has now raised the COVID-19 Alert to Level 3 effectively immediately, and to Level 4 effective at midnight on Wednesday 25 March.

All schools will be closed as of tomorrow, Tuesday 24th March, for all students except those of essential service workers such as doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers and police.

 Do not send your children to school if you are not in one of these essential services. All schools will now be closed until further notice for at least 4 weeks.

Over the next 48 hours every workplace in New Zealand is required to implement alternative ways of working. People must work from home so that we limit the amount of social interaction with each other.

If you are unsure about what this means, please contact the school office tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, we wish all families well for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic emergency. We will keep in regular contact with families and whanau as best we can.

Peter Kaiser                                                  Stephen Thomson


Principal                                                        Board Chairperson




Kia ora! Haere Mai! Welcome! Afio mai! Willkommen! Welkom! Dobro dosli!
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Fakalofa lahi atu!

Mission Statement

In a world of opportunity, we aim for all of our children to grow as confident, informed, reflective individuals who will embrace diversity and sustainability in order to fulfil their potential as members of society, both locally and globally.

Guiding Philosophy

The teachers at Tirimoana are committed to a child centred learning approach providing a balanced programme to meet children's social, academic, sporting and cultural needs. 

In our school we regard everyone as an individual, where each child is unique. We aim to understand each child’s difference by helping every child to develop their personal strengths and talents. Our school motto “Discover Your Talents” reflects this.

PB4L Vision

We at Tirimoana school have implemented PB4L in order to develop school wide consistency in our approach to managing and promoting positive behaviour. This framework will support all of our learners, our teachers and our community to discover their talents.

Our C.A.R.E. acronym stands for: Compassion ~ Act Responsibly ~ Respect ~ Effort

We believe that every child has the right to learn; every teacher the right to teach. Every person has the right to be safe and to be respected.


Thank you so much to The Trusts for your kind donation towards new iPads and portable staging in the hall. 

The PTA donated funds to go towards the new Junior Playground.


School Bank Account Details:

ASB 12 3039 0881101 00

For online payments please make sure your child's name, room number and brief details are in the reference section for the payment.

Advice for Novel Coronavirus from the Principal and Board of Trustees


Tirimoana School  COVID-19  News Update  20 March 2020. 
The Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, announced today further measures to contain the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. She also made statements about any future school closures.  Our school has moved our Pandemic Plan into the next phase.   Notices on Doors  You will see notices on doors reminding all visitors (including parents) not to enter our buildings if you have recently returned from overseas or if you have any symptoms such as a cold or flu and are unwell. 
Parents Entering Classrooms Before and After School  All parents are advised to refrain from entering classrooms before or after school unless you have an important reason to. Say goodbye to your children in the playground or at the gate and wait in the playground outside the classroom when you pick your children up.  
Children Attending School Regularly  The Government, Ministry of Education and the Board of Trustees are still expecting all children to attend school every day unless sick. Any absence from school for any other reason will be recorded as an Unjustified Absence.   Teachers are very busy at this time so please do not request extra homework or home learning for children kept at home. We will not offer this while school is open for instruction. 
School Closures  Currently the government is requiring all schools to remain open. Any school that has a possible case of a student or staff member with COVID-19 will be required to close temporarily. This is to allow a school to do an extra deep clean, and for Ministry of Health to trace all possible contacts for testing. Should this happen, a decision to close school would be made by the local Medical Officer of Health. School would then notify every parent. This is why it is very important for school to have up-to-date contacts for every child and family.  
Tirimoana School has no known suspected cases of infection for staff or students.   Government will be likely to close all schools if, and when, there are multiple cases of the virus spreading in the community. At present there is no evidence of this happening in New Zealand. It will however become likely in the future. You will be notified by school when this happens, and media will inform the community.  

Ngā mihi Peter Kaiser