Staff Professional Development

Teachers at Tirimoana School have regular staff meetings as well as professional learning group meetings.These meetings are an opportunity for staff to engage in powerful professional learning on a range of subjects and issues.

We operate two teams of teacher inquiry - Literacy and Mathematics. These teams meet twice a term to raise questions and actively investigate teaching and learning in the subject area.

Our staff is continuing to develop more knowledge and strategies around the implementation of National Standards. Staff are currently implementing the use of the PaCT (Progress and Consistency) tool to reinforce their next teaching steps in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

As part of our membership of the Te Atatu community of Learning there are a number of staff who work in our school and across our local schools to raise student achievement. These teachers are Louise Graham (across schools), Kura Tuhura, Geoff Brown, Noel McClements and Margaret Carter (in school).

We are always working towards building a stronger student voice at our school. At the beginning of Term 3 our children from Year 4 - 6 participate with parents and teachers in 3-Way Conferences about their learning. Teachers and learners in Year 1 - 3 have learning conferences on their 1st, 2nd and 3rd anniversary of learning.

Our professional development focus for 2017 is in Writing and Science and the use of the PaCT tool.  As a staff we are learning more about using a range of strategies to raise student engagement and achievement through effective teaching and 'teaching as inquiry'. We are also focusing on using effective collaboration in our practice to raise student achievement. Another professional focus for us this year is our school-wide focus on Positive Behaviour for Learning. We have identified C.A.R.E. - Compassion, Acting Responsibly, Respect and Effort as our 4 core values. We translate this as -    'I care' and teachers actively teach these values all of the time in the class and in the playground.

We have a number of Specialist Teachers in our school. 

Mrs Graham, our Mathematics Lead Teacher, continues to give us further information around the assessment of mathematics as part of her role. She also teaches extension mathematics from Year 4 - 6.

Whaea Kura Tuhura continues to assist our staff to teach Māori language and tikanga as well as guide a kapahaka group.

Mr Dewald Immink assists teachers with Computer and other ICT learning as well as Physical Education.

Mr Seth Liu is our Mathematics Specialist teacher. He works with learners every day from Year 3 -  6 and supports them to develop solid understanding of mathematics concepts.

Mrs Janne Bradley is our specialist music teacher and she takes instrumental groups and Choir on Fridays.

Mrs Cashmore and Mr Rod McLeay take the School Orchestra on Wednesday afternoons in Term 2 & 3.

Martine Strachan and Melanie are our French teachers. They work with classes from Year 5 & 6.

Meimei is our Chinese teacher of Mandarin and she works with small groups of learners. 

Barbara Lake, Stephanie Devcich and Tracey Simonsen are our very experienced teachers of English as a Second Language. They work with groups of learners to build strengths in the usage of English. This important learning enables our new learners of English and those who only hear another language at home to quickly accommodate instruction in English in the class and grow their confidence in sharing alongside their peers.

Our latest upskilling workships have been in understanding the Health and Safety in the Workplace Act. This Act has big implications for how schools function and all staff are required to take cognisance of the changes.

 Paulina Spence from Netsafe lead our latest staff meeting.  Topics like Digital Citenzenship and Code Principles were discussed.  Parents were also invited to take part in the discussion during a PTA meeting.