Guiding Philosophy

The teachers at Tirimoana are committed to a child centred learning approach providing a balanced programme to meet children's social, academic, sporting and cultural needs. 
Our community values the following: 
Effort and Achievement 
Tolerance and Respect 
Honesty and Fairplay 
Creativity and Challenge 
Our school's affirmations states that: 
Every child has the right to learn. 
Every teacher has the right to teach. 
It is everyone's right to be safe 
and to be respected. 
Our school motto is: "Discover Your Talents" 
Watch this video presentation by Sir Ken Robinson in 2014 - he discusses how how lives are shaped by our learning and risktaking behaviour.
The school motto was developed after consultation with parents and staff in 1994. It reflects the school philosophy whereby each child is seen as unique, with his/her own potential talents. Our aim is to assist each child discover and develop his or her own talents.
Our PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning) set of core values states C.A.R.E. - Compassion, Acting Responsibly, Respect and Effort. We believe that, when encouraged and affirmed, these positive values will enhance our school culture and environment.