Assembly each Friday

Celebrating success and sharing

Every Friday at 1.40 pm, the children of Tirimoana School assemble in the hall for assembly. The purpose of our school assembly is to celebrate success and to share fantastic work that has been done in class. We sing a few fun songs and listen to important messages.

Mr. Kaiser hands out certificates to the week's super students and the week's super teachers. Sport certificates are also handed out. We celebrate good deeds and great behaviour by awarding 'Tiri Tickets'. Children who have been recognised go into the draw for prizes at assembly. 

Each week, the assembly is hosted by two School Councillors. They are Year 5 and 6 students who are elected at the beginning of each year. They announce each item to be presented and they thank speakers and presenters on our behalf. The councillors do a really great job.

Sometimes, we have special assemblies where invited guests talk to all of us about an important matter or to share some great news with us. At other times an assembly can be taken up completely by one class or Year group who put on a production for the school. That is fun because we then get to see children act, sing, dance and tell fantastic stories. From time to time, we might have invited performers who do a show for us. We love seeing professional performers because it gives us ideas for things to try ourselves!

We appreciate all the support our community give us. If you are interested in seeing what we do at our school assemblies, feel free to come along and support our staff and children.