Travelwise 2014

Mr. Tumulty is leading our Travelwise Group in 2014.

Thank you to all the families who support safe walking, scooting and cycling to and from school. You are helping us to reduce the number of cars around our school and our city. Did you know that there are now 400 schools in Auckland involved in the Travelwise programme? School travel plans implemented as part of Travelwise have helped;


  • Reduce car travel by taking 12,736 car trips off the road in the morning peak.
  • Save 2,596,000kms in car travel, about $20.35m a year on congestion, and about 150,000 litres of fuel.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by 735 tonnes each year.
  • Improve safety around Auckland schools – crashes involving pedestrians and cyclists aged 5-13 have reduced by 58% at Safe School Travel Plans.

On Wednesday 25th June, Mrs. Fraser, Mr. Tumulty, Heather, Tina, Noah, Arvan and Ashley had a fabulous time at the TravelWise Awards Celebration at Eden Park. Mayor Len Brown presented Tirimoana School with a gold award for our contribution to creating a cycling, scooting and walking culture in our school. We should all be very proud of this achievement. We also got to see the band Titanium, and had a chance to try out lots of different challenges, and picked up ideas about how we can make our school even more 'travel-wise'.


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