The Travelwise Project

In 2006 Tirimoana School joined the Te Atatu South Travelwise Cluster along with Rangeview Intermediate, Freyberg Primary, Flanshaw Road Primary and Arohanui Special School. It is also supported by New Zealand Police, the Henderson Community Board and Road Safety New Zealand.

Travelwise is an initiative sponsored by Auckland Regional Council, Auckland Regional Transport Authority and Waitakere City Council

The aim of the Te Atatu South Travelwise Programme is for each school to develop an integrated Travel Plan. This Travel Plan will include the following projects:

· A survey of travel behaviour of children, parents and staff to and from school.

· Strategies to reduce the number of car journeys to and from school each day.

· Encouragement for more environmentally sustainable modes of transport.

· Implementation of car pooling.

· Motivation for walking to and from school.


· Improved driving and parking behaviour around the school.

· Improved safety for pedestrians (in particular school children).

· Improvements to roading engineering and pedestrian infrastructure around the school.

· To educate children and parents about safe walking, driving and parking behaviour.

· To educate students and parents about road safety and safe routes to school.

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We have crossings on Kokiri Street, Tirimoana Road and Divich / Metric Place. Every day our traffic wardens are out in all weather doing a very important job. Student safety is our priority at Tirimoana School.