Green Gold Award

On Thursday 29th October our school achieved Green Gold status for Enviroschools.

This has been a hugely satisfying journey for our school. Louise Graham, Senior Teacher in Year 3, is our Enviroschools leader and mentor. She has worked very, very hard with our Envirogroup and with our teachers to embed environmental education in our school.

Every teacher has worked with their own class on education for sustainability and it was very clear on Green Gold Day that children feel empowered and ready to take these ideas on board and practise them in their own lives.

We welcomed the team of judges - Jan Cox, Hilary Chidlow, Shirley Dephoff and Cate Jessep - to our school with a whakatau (welcome) in our library. Our Kapa haka group sang and some children gave a mihi.

 Our school councillors took the judges on a tour of the school. Judges met with management and children - they had searching questions to ask about our thoughts and practices around environmental education.

We had a special assembly for our visitors.

The judges visited classes after a special morning tea. Children were given the opportunity to share anything they had been learning. Teachers enjoyed the opportunity to share their planning and ideas.

The judges, Mr Kaiser, Mrs Graham and some teachers enjoyed a 'litterless lunch' with about 100 children in the hall.

After lunch about 30 envirogroup children and some teachers sat in with Mr Kaiser, Mrs Graham and the Green Gold Team to discuss and reflect on the day.

The team asked whether we were ready to go Green Gold - every one was sure and said "Yes We Are!!"