Enviro Group 2014

Our Envirogroup for 2014 comprises 70 students from Years 2-6. A main focus for us this year is to work on the next steps that arose from our successful Green Gold re-evaluation carried out towards the end of 2013.

One of the major projects that we will be working on this year includes working towards becoming a ‘Zero Waste School’. We will also extend our school vegetable garden to enable more whole school involvement in the learning children can have around planting and growing healthy food.

The Envirogroup have continued to share presentations at our Friday assemblies to inform and educate all our students about Environmental Sustainability.

Our Enviro Leaders have been great role models throughout the year and have willingly given up their free time to contribute towards our school. Mr McClements and Mrs Graham and lead our Envirogroup on Thursday afternoons.

In Term One the children completed a Mural which was on show at the Harbourview Sculptural Trail. This mural depicted a snapshot of the wonderful variety of birdlife found in Aotearoa, including some species that sadly, are now lost to us such as the Huia.

Children have also carried out a waste audit which gave us a clear picture of what our school waste is comprised of. The results were quite surprising as they revealed that 88% of all school waste was made up of food and packaging from school lunches.

In order to tackle this issue this term our Enviro recycling team have led the charge on our whole school drive for litter-free lunches. This is a lunch which contains no packaging. They are often healthier and more economical on the weekly budget as well. For further information on this parents and caregivers can visit the web links below.





 We have started our Litter-Free Wednesdays where classes count and record how much packaging we are bringing to school. Look out for the winning classes in the school newsletter. While we record the packaging on a Wednesday, we hope that children (and staff!) will strive for zero packaging every day.

We ask that children now bring their lunch packaging home with them. We have removed most bins from our school courts in an effort to develop responsible habits from our children with regards littering and reducing rubbish. We are a wonderful Green Gold Enviroschool and know that we can achieve our target of being a ‘Zero Waste’ school as well.