ESOL Stars at Tirimoana School

At Tirimoana School we have over 230 children who speak or hear another language at home.

Many of these students were born in New Zealand but their parents and grandparents emigrated to New Zealand from countries all over the world.

These children are very lucky to be able to become bilingual and in some cases trilingual.  They often speak their home language at home and English to their friends and to their teachers at school.

We offer English as a Second Language support classes to all children who enrol stating English as their second language. Mrs Stephanie Devcich is a qualified teacher. She teaches small groups of children from Year 3 to Year 6 in her ESOL classroom next to the library. Her programme helps these children to refine their grammatical structures in oral and in written language.  One of her techniques for teaching is using  'blogging'. Children record their voices and these recordings are uploaded to this link . 

Please go to ESOL Stars and hear the children!  Please comment on their work as this helps them become even more proficient.