School Gen Celebration

On Wednesday 25th February the C.E.O. of Genesis Energy, Mr Albert Brantley, visited Tirimoana School. We held a special assembly to celebrate the success of the School Gen project, a programme developed by Genesis Energy to bring solar energy to life for children and schools across New Zealand.

At the assembly Mr Brantley helped Mr Kaiser to award some certificates to children. We presented him with a native plant as a gift.

Tirimoana was one of the first schools in Auckland to have solar (photovoltaic) panels installed on the roof to convert solar energy to electricity and help to pay our power bill. Since February 2007 all of the schools with solars panels have generated a total of 43835 kWh. You can visit the School Gen website and find out more.

Over the last two days Maggie Twaddle, a facilitator / teacher from Genesis, has been working with a group of children at our school. This fantastic group of children put on an amazing show during a special assembly where Mr Brantley was the special guest.

Children attended workshops with Maggie Twaddle during the day on Wednesday to learn about solar energy and our panels. Visiting experts from the company that installs the panels also spoke to children.