Envirogarden Progress

Our envirogarden has seen many changes and development since we first started early in 2008.

We now have a compost tumbler, a sink bench for handwashing and a stand alone workspace where children can pot their seedlings. We have a worm farm too - it is very exciting.

During 2008 children potted lots of seedlings in the greenhouse.  At the end of the year some children wrapped about 80 of the little plants and sold them to children as Christmas presents. The money we raised was used to buy more supplies for the garden. 

Our pumpkins were not as successful as we would have liked. The sunflowers that grew in the Middle School garden were like tall soldiers standing guard - the colour of them made us all gasp.

Winter has begun and soon the cold weather will bite. The senior school has planted lettuces. Children from Room 24 planted them during the first week of Term 2 and laid some slug bait. Children saw how effective this bait was the next day. 3 huge slugs had been lured into the trap!

Room 4 is going to package, label and sell 'worm wee'. this natural elixer for plant growth and health will be sold to parents as a fundraiser.