Some Dinosaur Stories and Facts From Room 4

A long time ago in the dinosaur land,
Out popped two-headed snaketail from out of the sand!
Out flew Dragonair he woke up from his rest,
He's going to be testing his best!
Strange-tail-long-neck was eating a tree,
Then a buzzy bee stung his knee!
What's that bubbling in the water?
It is single-hrned dragonslayer!
Don't worry he won't hurt,
He just wants to be a player!
"Rrrrrrr, ooooooo,
Aaaaaaa, arrrrrr!"
All was silent all was still,
'Till Rex came crushing through!
The dinosaurs scattered into places,
Tirex took four good gazes.
Then they all came out,
And you'll hear them all shout:
Then the sun rose,
They all slept and waited for the next bouncing along...

By Andy Zhang



some time ago in dinosaur land,
The dinosaurumpus started in the sand!
Strange-tail-long-neck was the first one out,
The dinosaurs were about to shout!
Next was two-headed snaketail,
It began to hail.
Blue eyes white dragon ruler of the sky,
Came roaring down saying "Hi!"
Dragonair came fighting,
How exciting!
The sun rose and the dinosaurs dozed,
And waited for the next dinosaurumpus!

By Andy Zhang



Once upon a time beneath the earth
Layed dinosaur bones and stones.
It was dinosaur birth
It was worth dinosaur burst!
Volcanoes crashed
And dinosaurs dashed!
It was a test
Who's the best?
Tranisaures Rex!
The storm was big but the children knew it was the dinos!
But the light got bright the children had to go
And so... they waited for the next dinosaur rumpus!

By Andy Zhang



One Monday me and August were packing for an adventure. First we went on a explorer plane. We landed on a sandy ground. Then we had a look around. Suddenly a little boom. Then the boom got bigger. So then the boom became even bigger boom. It was a big Trex. It was coming to us. Me and August tried to get in the plane. But it was too late. The plane was already gone back to NZ. So we had to hide quickly. We hid somewhere. But then when we look up. Me and August was by a volcano. What was about to erupt. So they run to another spot. August rebelled. He packed his cellphone. So August called a plane to came here. So the plane came. Then we flew back to NZ. As soon as we got home August said :"Can we watch TV now?" "OK." The End.

By Matthew Stewart 


On a spooky dinosaur land there was a trex walking by himself. But suddenly he saw his father trex. Then his father was very tired. Later he stamped his feet on the ground. Soon the water came out. After that the trex drank the water with his father. But before long, they went home. They practised stamping on their feet.

By Jayden

Fact 1. Trex tries to eat flying meat because it flies about their height as well as Dipodocolus. They are as tall as a flying dinosaur. That's Trex's favourite food.
Fact 2. If a dinosaur sees a person, it will come chasing after you. If it catches you it will eat you alive.
Fact 3. Never ever approach a dinosaur, otherwise they will attack you.
Fact 4. A Trex eas a lot of meat.
Fact 5. They must be like 4.52 metres.
Fact 6. Trexs are extinct as well as other dinosaurs. But in the museum you will see a trex's bone or a whole trex. So keep an eye out if you go to the museum everyone!

By Mika


Facts of alive dinosaurs in the 90's
Fact 1. Dinosaurs live about 50 years.
Fact 2. Their teeth are like sharp monster's teeth
Fact 3. Dinosaurs eat sniggle wiggle leaves.
Fact 4. The dinosaurs lay eggs.
Fact 5. A meteorite came, then they all have been killed.

By Jessica

Space game board designed by August: