Fame-a-thon Famous Person Assembly

On Friday 21st May we held a Famous Person Assembly. This was a fabulous way to finish to our Fame-a-thon fundraiser. Children has been learning facts about famous people for the last two weeks and they have been collecting sponsorship from their friends and family.

Many children gained 100% in their Fame-a-thon test.

We were treated to about 6 mini-Mr Kaisers and about 5 mini-Mr John Keys. Mr Kaiser dressed up in different costumes like 'Neil Armstrong - astronaut' and 'Sir Edmund Hillary - mountaineer' and 'Julius Caesar - Centurion'. Lots of teachers also dressed up. Some children and families went to a great deal of trouble with their costumes. Thank you to everyone for putting in the effort with either dressing up or sponsoring children for their tests. We were astounded by how enthusiastic everyone became over the two weeks of this study.