Ethnic Food Festival

On Thursday 18th February we held an Ethnic Food Celebration as part of our Ethnic Fortnight. Every year we have a major focus for two weeks on the traditions and ways of different cultures in our world. This is a multicultural school and many of our children and families have come to make their home from countries that are both close and distant from New Zealand.

Families made a traditional dish at home and brought it to school. Our hall was full of fantastic food samples from all around the world. Children from the whole school wrote recounts the next day that told of sweet treats, delicious aromas and colourful, amazing food that tantalised their taste buds during the food celebration. Every child had a small taste of many new foods they may never have seen or tasted before. The experience was just awesome.

Our community is very supportive of our Ethnic Fornight celebrations and many children dress up in traditional costume. Family members often come in to school to talk to classes and teach us about their cultures. 

We learn songs and games from other cultures and also have a focus on learning some language such as greetings and names of foods.

This year we also hosted 24 teachers from Hong Kong. They toured our school on the 18th March and we enjoyed meeting them.

This year we are also very proud to be recipients of a Human Rights Commision Award for our contributions to Race Relations. See our  newsflash page and go to Human Rights Commission link here for more information about this award.