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Year 5 Poem to cheer you up

This poem is about 'Happiness'.

It makes you feel happy when you read it. We all need a bit of cheering up from time to time.


Happiness is like a band new summer's day that will hit your heart cheerfully.

It makes your smile rise on your face.  It makes you feel kind and cheery - from everything down to a tiny ant.

It tastes like sweet honey generously offered from the beautiful nature. 

The peace strikes your body and spreads around the world like peanut butter over bread.

It smells like fresh ripe cherry with whipped cream and fresh fruits.

It isn't like a cold winter's day, it isn't like rotten compost, and it's not like smelly bananas.

Happiness is forever.

By Kelly Cokorudy, R14


Year 5 Sports Poems

by Room 14

Long Jump
I am the long jump boy
I will start to speed up to jump as far as I can
I will always jump over 3 metres
I would have to do it again
I will have to jump as far as I can
I will run, I will jump, I will do the best I can
My heart will pump a lot of blood
And my heart will slow down again.
By Oscar Yang



Running Feelings

“Go!” shouts the man, who claps his hands
The whisk of the air,
The flow of the hair.
To win the race,
To come first place
The rush of the wind
Goes past my ears
Soon the audience
Claps and cheers
My shoes and my gear
The confidence and no fear
To hold the champion cup
With my hands full of luck
All my running feelings will help me win the race.

By Rebekah Yu


Under the Land (A poem about Swimming)

Under the water
Under the land
Sunlight fills the
water with happy
yellow rays.

People cheer,
but the mud and
weeds just stare.
Tired but full of bright hope.
I plummet up into the clear, cheery air.

One boy shouts
A man looks up from his book.
I start my engine,
Turn on the propellers.

Under the water,
Under the land.

By Amber Yang



I will eat
and I will beat
everyone who wants to run.
Having fun is why we run.
I will burst to come first.
I will not run as fast as a tin because I want to win.
I will not slow down till I have found
I have won the race.

If I eat bread I will get a red (a red ticket)
If I chew I will get a blue (a blue ticket)
If I scream I will get a green ( a green ticket)
If my car has vinyl I will go to the finals
If I beat an egg I have won my heats.
If I have luck I will hold the cup.

By Roshan Mistry


High Jump

High jump is cool
It’s hard as well
Getting up in the air
Helps you get over the bar
Jumping as high as you can
Using a good technique
Making good progress
Puts you in first place

By Reuben He



Exhilarated, nervous
Spinning, throwing, landing
Having lots of fun

By Angelina Soh


I am the Running Girl

I am the running girl.
I see everyone is jogging or running.
Everything is peaceful and quiet.
I feel my heart is pumping really fast.
Everyone is starting to get tired.
Some people are riding their bikes.
I can see that they are extraordinarily tired.
I am running with my friends. That makes me happy.
I can not stop until I reach the end.
I feel exhausted but proud of myself.

By Anna Choi


Long Jump

Up you get, not jumping yet.
You run on the grass, thorns as sharp as glass.
Your feet go ‘pat’, as you land on the mat.
You leap through the air, not a word to spare.
You land on the soft, sandy ground, without a sound.
You wipe the sand off yourself, pretending you were a legend at it, waiting for a record on the book shelf.
Up you go, with a victory flow…
And longing, another go.

By Meg Nowak


Year 3 Writing

The Biggest Alien Snake

Yesterday me and the rest of Room 20 made a clay creature. We’re studying Space.  The colours were red, brown and white.  I created an alien snake.

It looks like a crazy, patterned, big, one-eyed, meat eater, small-winged snake! If it gets threatened it will eat the threatener.

It is found on Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Neptune and Uranus.

Leo Nowak


Year 2 Writing

Squishy came to our school in Term 1. She is a cat that lives locally but never seens to go home. She loves our school and she loves children. Our Year 2, Room 5 children have written great stories about Squishy.


Stories about Squishy the Cat

One cold wet day Squishy went down to school at Tirimoana Primary. She heard the bell ring for Lunctime and she started to feel very hungry so… She walked along the path. She snuck into the lunch room and… she jumped up onto the bench and hit the pie warmer door open and took a pie!

By Brooklyn Limpus

One cold wet day Squishy went down to school at Tirimoana Primary. She heard the bell ring for Lunctime and she started to feel very hungry so… Squishy went to the lunch room. But she had to wait in line. She didn’t like that! But, she got a pie. “Yum, yum.” She said.

By Jessica Muddle

One cold wet day Squishy went down to school at Tirimoana Primary. She heard the bell ring for Lunctime and she started to feel very hungry so…She ran and looked in somebody’s bag. She smelled food in the lunch box and… “Hey, get out of my lunch box, Squishy!”. “Miaow” went Squishy.

By Shylo Erihe-Dewes